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Air Purification Project for Yanzhuang Oils


Yanzhuang Oils is a newly-rising enterprise to specially produce the refined cooking oil, with the total registered capital of 1.5 billion RMB and the total area of production base of 275,333 m2. Yanzhuang Oils owns the proprietary intellectual property rights with three patents, where one of patents is belonged to China Spark Program. Yanzhuang Oils adopts the domestic advanced technology and equipment, presses and stores oil with the standard of producing olive oil to ensure high quality and pure natural. The sales of sesame oil ranks first at Anhui Province, where the sesame oil becomes one of the specialty at Anhui and finds a good sale in Singapore and European countries.

Figure 1. Yanzhuang Oils


With the development of urbanization and the rapid growth of living standard, the national environment standard also improves. As one of the China Sesame Oil Top Ten Enterprises, Yanzhuang Oils pays high attention to the environmental problem.

Yanzhuang Oils intensely exhausts the waste gas produced from the daily production, which causes the waste gas contains high concentration of VOCs. The waste gas also contains a great amount of grease with offensive odor, which cause trouble to surrounding residents and complaints.

For the NCCO Air Purification Technology being able to filter VOCs and remove the odor of sesame oil, particles and smoke at waste gas. Therefore, Yanzhuang Oils decided to adopt NCCO Air Purification Technology to treat waste gas.

Figure 2. Yanzhuang Oils Production Status

3.Solution Project

RHT recommended Yanzhuang Oils to install NCCO Air Treatment Unit at the Exhaust Air Outlet to purify and treat air. For a great amount of grease containing at the exhaust air, grease-treatment system shall be installed to have a pre-treament procedure.

Figure 3. NCCO Air Treatment Unit

Figure 4. NCCO Air Treatment Unit Installation Unit

4.Air Treatment Principle

For the waste gas contains different kinds of organic compounds and grease with high temperature, the first step of air treatment is to temperature-decreasing pre-treatment, remove dust and grease. Therefore, the technological process is heat sink, dehumidification device, electrostatic precipitator, NCCO Air Treatment Unit and exhaust funnel.

Heat Sink

For the exhaust gas temperature at some processes is high, the exhaust gas shall be cooled down by water via heat sink to avoid influencing the following processes due to the high exhaust gas.

Dehumidification Device

When the device is running, the evaporator adsorbs heat and the condenser releases heat. Under the influence of fan blower, moist air is adsorbed from left Air Inlet and has the heat exchange process at evaporator to cool down; when the moist air reaches the dew point temperature, water molecule is extracted due to the dew formation and the absolute moisture content of moist air is reduced so as to moisture removal and avoid influencing the following processes because of high moisture content.

Electrostatic Precipitator

The electrostatic precipitation process captures lampblack and charges particles by the electron emitted from cathode at high voltage electric field and the anion produced by collision between electron and air molecule

NCCO Air Treatment Unit

Dry gas after removal of water molecule by dehumidification device enters into NCCO Air Treatment Unit for the final treatment process. The VOCs is oxidized and decomposed into harmless water molecule and CO2, which is exhausted into the outdoor air under the influence of fan blower.


RHT entrusted the third-parties testing organization at Hong Kong and Mainland China to test the treatment performance. The removal rate as follows:

In accordance with the testing result, NCCO Air Treatment Unit is able to effectively VOCs for a long time and let the exhaust gas from factory reaches the national VOC exhaust standard.

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