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About Us

RHT Industries Limited is a technology company that focuses on the sustainable development of innovative technologies in material sciences.

In cooperation with the member of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program, RHT successfully developed and patented the Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation (NCCO) technology. Today, NCCO technology is utilized by many companies and industries worldwide, including over 200 medical institutions, and large corporations and organizations such as HSBC, Hong Kong International Airport and MTR Corporation. RHT successfully launched household air purification products under the “RHT“ and “b-MOLA” brands, and is currently ranks among the top three brands in Hong Kong by market share.

RHT’s professional research team consists of world-class scientists and researchers from leading universities and research institutions from around the world, including the University of British Columbia, and the University of Vienna. Our team has achieved impressive results in the application of material sciences, and will continue to create innovative materials that will improve our quality of life.

Our Vision & Mission

RHT aims to combine the advanced overseas technology using sustainable materials, promote our brand internationally, and create a green living environment for the next generation.



Over 200 global hospitals have applied NCCO technology to safe guard their medical staffs. This technology can be found in retails such as Walmart in Canada and Rakuten in Japan.


b-MOLA  brand become the 1st local brand of air purification consumer products.

Started enter into the global market such as the Mainland China, Asia Pacific countries and North America

Meet The Team

Dr. Lam Lung Yeung

Department of Environment and Sustainable Development

Strong experience in dealing with pollution and analytical chemistry

Dr Karl Lintner

PhD in Biochemistry from Vienna University (Austria)

Dr. Cathy Jim


b-MOLA Founder

Published more than 30 academic articles in the professional field

Dr Ezra Kwok

Adjunct Professor UBC





Dr. Yeung Kee Sin Tony

MBChB (SHEFF) 1982

DAvMed RCP (Lond)



FHKAM (Community Medicine)

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