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NCCO Air Treatment Unit

Patented Technology invented by members of

HKUST Entrepreneurship Program 


HKSTP Partner Company 

Why was NCCO invented?

Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation (NCCO) is a new air treatment system produced to solve the issues in air purification technologies commonly used in the market. These technologies include activated carbon, photocatalyst and negative ions.
For instance, activated carbon filters have a service life from 2 to 3 months. Once saturated, pollutants will be released back into the air. The higher frequency of filter replacements increases both the cost of use and production levels from manufacturers, causing a negative impact on the environment. 

Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation


The catalytic material is a non-poisonous, recyclable mineral material with well-defined nano tunnel.


A granule of catalytic material with 0.4 cm in diameter has around 400 feet of adsorption tunnel


The nano tunnel contains a mass of transition metals


Active oxygen generated from system can oxidize air pollutants into water vapour and carbon dioxide.

NCCO Air Treatment

NCCO technique involves the use of ‘contained’ active oxygen in combination with zeolites (crystalline solids with uniformly-sized, nano-scale pores) and other related porous materials.

Based on the catalytic process, the life of the NCCO filter has an extremely long functioning and performance life.

NCCO functions.png

Our Brands

Phillips was licensed to use NCCO selling over 420K units globally, Yamasa Tokei and Oregon Scientific was licensed to use NCCO
Hospital & School
26 Countries 200 Hospitals

NCCO Nano Oxygen Polymerization Air Purification Technology is suitable for household air purification and is widely used in transportation, industrial, commercial, and educational institutions, such as Hong Kong International Airport and HSBC Bank. Over 200 medical institutions have adopted the NCCO air purification system worldwide, including the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University in China, Trikala Hospital in Greece, and Chulalongkorn University Medical College in Thailand.

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