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Invented in Hong Kong

RHT upholds the principle of maintaining local production. Besides cooperating with local professionals, it collaborates with experts from well-known universities overseas to introduce advanced technology into Hong Kong to increase the competitiveness of local innovative scientific products.

Our Inventions

RHT has 39 invention patents and is continuously innovating. It is particularly outstanding in the research and application of Material Science. The company is going to invest more resources in research and development of new materials in the future and is convinced that more distinctive new products can be produced to improve the quality of life.


NCCO (Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation) is suitable for household air purification and is also widely used in commercial, industrial, and medical institutions.

NCCO - Invisible Glove

The NCCO-IG technology uses nanotechnology to form a layer of film on the surface of the skin that disinfects, moisturizes, and protects against damaged skin infections, providing apparent benefits to various skin problems.


Industrial production releases a lot of pollutants in its daily manufacturing, causing severe pollution to nearby buildings. Pollutants Isolation System (PIS) creates an indoor air barrier to prevent outdoor contaminants from entering the room. At the same time, it uses NCCO technology to completely decompose pollutants into water and carbon dioxide, working exceptionally well for more polluted areas.

NCCO - Masks

Many toxic compounds are often used during industrial production, seriously endangering employees' health. RHT research team successfully utilized the NCCO technology to develop an NCCO mask, reducing the consequences from the long-term exposure of factory employees under high-degree harmful chemical gases. This technology has obtained patents from many countries in the world.


The Sewage Treatment Plant has been emitting a foul odor for an extended period. Currently, it mainly employs an active charcoal air purification system to remove the odor. This system requires frequent replacement of filters, resulting in a high cost in maintenance. The NCCO Mobile Deodorising System (NCCO MDS) makes use of the worldwide-patented Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation Technology. Compared with active charcoal, the NCCO filter’s effects last for a much longer duration, bringing further economic and environmental benefits.


ZRD (Zeolite Radioactive Dust Removal System) belongs to one of RHT

‘s patented technologies. The ZRD system effectively removes radioactive materials and toxic gases from the air and can be used as an emergency system in busy public places such as airports and hospitals.

“Regeneration, Health, and Trust”


Ready to find out more?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions about our products or technology. RHT has a professional team with experts to help with any questions.

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