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Hongkong International English Kindergarten Case

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Top school – Hongkong International English Kindergarten

St. Catherine's International Kindergarten was founded in 1970. It is one of the top three private kindergartens in Hong Kong. St. Catherine's International Kindergarten aims to cultivate children as a world citizen equipped with a global vision. Students develop high confidence and problem-solving abilities with excellent presentation skills. The school aims to combine Chinese and Western cultures, utilizing three languages in its classrooms: Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. As the majority of its teaching staff, foreign teachers account for the teacher-student ratio of 1:8-10. The school curriculum aims to stimulate students' interest in self-study, with a relatively light workload. St Catherine's International Kindergarten teaches students to be all-rounded, providing a solid foundation for students hoping to enter other prestigious primary schools. St Catherine's International Kindergarten has always been a well-known and respectable school. This reputation has been reflected through continuous enrolment despite rising tuition fees. Roughly ten thousand students apply for interviews at St Catherine's International Kindergarten every year, with enrolment rates being 7% due to fierce competition.

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The health risks of private schools in the famous

St Catherine's International Kindergarten has two campuses, including numerous classrooms and activity rooms. Students spend most of their days in classes learning and participating in activities. As one of the top schools in Hong Kong, the school puts in a vast amount of investments in maintenance and facilities, providing students with the most advanced education facilities. However, after the renovation of buildings and the addition of new furniture, they were all found to produce a large number of harmful substances and release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, xylene are found to be carcinogenic. Children with low immunity and long-term exposure to this toxic environment suffer from severe consequences to their health and development.


The disadvantages of activated carbon adsorbing air purifier

The school attempts to improve its indoor air quality by installing several well-known brands of air purifiers on school premises, and still obtaining undesirable results. Most of the air purifiers on the market use activated carbon air filters. This model traps impurities in the air and remits pollutants into the air as it becomes saturated, imperceptibly damaging student's health. As a result, the school regularly replaces expensive filters in the air purifier. The consumption of wood, soot, and sulfur dioxide produced during the production of activated carbon also leads to more severe environmental problems. This method is equivalent to putting the cart before the horse.

“Air purification black technology” from Hongkong assistance to International English Kindergarten

RHT Industries Limited has mastered an air purification technology called "NCCO." A research group developed this technology at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. This technology is an improvised version of the activated carbon air purifier and has successfully subdued its disadvantages. The NCCO reaction layer instantly captures and adsorbs pollutants, releasing oxygen using the machine's oxygen generator. The harmful gases can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in several milliseconds using the NCCO nanotechnology.

No toxins or ozone residues exist in the treatment process, preventing remission of pollutants into the air. Users do not have to replace filters regularly, minimizing the consumption of consumables. RHT Industries Limited tailored a complete and adequate installation plan for air purifier based on the specific situation and needs of St. Catherine's International Kindergarten after noticing their issue of indoor fitment pollution. After installing a full set of NCCO air purifiers at St Catherine's International Kindergarten, the school invited third-party agencies to test for VOCs concentration in different locations on different days. Before air treatment, the highest level of indoor pollutants was 22700 ppb, the lowest was 18400 ppb, and the average value was 19918 ppb. After fourteen days of operation, the concentration of VOCs in St Catherine's International Kindergarten reduced significantly. The highest level of indoor pollutants was 290 ppb, the lowest was 138 ppb, with an average value of 193 ppb. The decrease was 99.03%, which was significantly improved compared with that before air treatment.


NCCO mother and baby air purifier came into being

Air pollution is becoming increasingly threatening nowadays. Air purifiers have become an essential appliance for modern families, especially families with children. Infants and young toddlers will be a direct victim of contaminants that are mainly concentrated in the lower air. This issue poses a serious concern as the health of children is crucial to their development. The successful collaboration of RHT Industries Limited with St Catherine's International Kindergarten also attracted considerable attention from parents to kids of various ages all over the world.


NCCO patented technology aims to meet the practical needs of the market. We have launched a household air purifier that goes beyond the existing air purification technology based on the needs of mothers and infants - b-MOLA DMA mother and baby air purifier. It has different adjustment modes, which can be changed depending on different needs. NCCO uniquely designs the different B-MOLA models – utilizing wind wheel and side outlets, doubling the purification effect. Dual-core evolution processor combines with NCCO patent technology to efficiently decompose formaldehyde and odor. This technology kills up to 99% of the bacteria, such as Escherichia coli. It decomposes 92% of ammonia along with other harmful gases. The purifying effect reaches the medical level by purifying 20 square meters of indoor air within 12 minutes. At present, this product has formally entered the mainland, providing services for both the babies in Hong Kong and mainland China.

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