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Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

The Information Technology Department of Bank of China (Hong Kong) is located in Kwei Tei Street, Fo Tan. 

It is next to numerous industrial buildings and is also adjacent to Chun Yeung Estate, functioning temporarily as a quarantine centre against coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Since coronavirus spreads through aerogels or tiny particles such as dust attached to the air, it poses a severe threat to employees working at the site.


NCCO (Nano-confined catalytic oxidation) air purifier (Model: BM 300) is placed in the IT department of BOC. Since the NCCO Air Purification System adopts a multi-filter design, it effectively filters the dust and suspended particles in the air. Most importantly, the nanochannel in the NCCO reactor can completely kill bacteria and viruses, preventing accumulation in the device, continuously protecting the health of employees.

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