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Advantage & Benefits

State-of-the-art’ Unique Technology
Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation (NCCO)

Advantages of NCCO

  • Effectively decomposes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde, xylene, acetone, phenol, etc.

  • NCCO does not cause secondary pollution unlike activated carbon filters.

  • NCCO technology completely decomposes pollutants. The piece of filter can be used for a prolonged time, reducing the cost and removing harmful pollutants.

  • The catalyst in the NCCO (nano-confined catalytic oxidation) layer is made by recyclable minerals, not causing pollution to the environment.

Benefits of NCCO

  • Effectively removes smoke and odor.

  • Kills germs and bacteria.

  • Effectively filters allergens.

  • Filters particles in the air to improve indoor air quality.

  • Reduces the number of air circulations, providing significant economic benefits.

  • Improves working environment and increases employee productivity.

  • Improved indoor air can improve the quality of life.

NCCO Air treatment system removal rate



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