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Air Purification Project at St. Catherine’s Kindergarten & International Nursery


St. Catherine’s Kindergarten & International Nursery is a famous international kindergarten at Hung Hom. The kindergarten offers the reception class before studying at kindergarten and the three years of kindergarten class to have a preparation for studying at primary school. There are campuses and several classrooms and playrooms.


After decoration, St. Catherine’s has bought some new furniture. The decoration and new furniture will release a great amount of harmful substance and VOCs. Parts of them may cause carcinogenic and increase the risk of suffering disease, such as formaldehyde, methylbenzene, benzene, xylene and so on.

Children study and play indoor for a long time. St. Catherine’s pays high attention to the indoor air quality due to the weak immunocompetence of children. Long breathing of VOCs and harmful substance in air, not only influences the studying ability, but also jeopardizing children’s growth and health.

3.Solution Project

St. Catherine’s decided to adopt NCCO Air Treatment Technology due to the effective purification ability of NCCO Air Treatment Unit. St. Catherine’s operated two Mobile Type NCCO Air Treatment Unit (AA-1000; hereinafter referred to as AA-1000-1 and AA1000-2) and four RA-801 (hereinafter referred to as RA-801-1, RA-801-2, RA-801-3 and RA-801-4) at different classrooms and playrooms to remove VOCs and harmful substances in a short time.

RHT placed NCCO Air Treatment Unit at different areas pointed at Figure 2 in September, 6th, 2016. The placement location is as follows:

For the areas not installed NCCO Air Treatment Unit, RHT placed fan blower to improve the air ventilation and transmit air pollutants into NCCO Air Treatment Unit for purification.


RHT entrusted the third-party testing organization in Hong Kong to test the air quality of St. Catherine’s. Before installing NCCO Air Treatment Unit, the concentration of VOCs at St. Catherine’s is high due to the decoration and new furniture.

7 days after air treatment and removal of the machine, RHT made another air quality test at St. Catherine’s again. Even the concentration of VOCs is little bit higher than the concentration during air treatment, but it is greatly lower than the concentration before air treatment.

The concentration of indoor VOCs is significantly reduced from 19,918 ppbv to 193 ppbv in average, where the falling range reaches 99.03 %.

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