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Air Purification Project for Goji Studios


Rick, an Hong Kong freaky jocks, was quite the experience of shape and fitness and diet meal for his several years of being an athlete.

After retirement, Ricky hoped to share the healthy and scientific build management idea with Hong Kong people. Therefore, in the beginning of 2017, he invested billions of Hong Kong dollar to establish 7 chain fitness centers, Goji Studios, at Central, Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Kowloon Bay, Mong Kok and Whampoa. For better fitness experience, Goji do their best to be perfect.


During exercise, human metabolite is excreted to the outside of the body with sweat, where the organic matter is accumulated at skin surface, easily causing the breeding of bacteria.

Deodorant and exhaust fan do not address the underlying causes. Goji hopes to simultaneously and completely remove sweaty and bacteria.

Sweaty with bacteria ferments and volatilizes at Studios, where the offensive odour will influence member’s mood and the bacteria will be residual on the fitness equipment influencing member’s health.

3.Solution Project

Based on the actual situation, in order to keep ventilated, clean and odourless, Goji Studios installed NCCO Fresh Air Type Air Treatment Unit and NCCO Internal Circulation System.

RHT customized the Air Treatment Unit with the logo of Goji Studios and installed Unit near to the stand column, mirrors and corner with densely population, which won’t occupy too much space.


NCCO Air Treatment Unit has been installed at 7 Goji Studios in Hong Kong.

Reach the highest level of IAQ regulated by Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department – Excellence Level.

Goji Studios attracts new member with the good air quality provided by NCCO Air Treatment Unit.

Ming Pao, , 88.1 FM, Scoop at TVB have publicized Goji Studiosand NCCO.

In the meantime, members can have a redemption of NCCO Air Treatment Unit by member points.

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