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Double - Blower Intelligent NCCO Air Treatment Unit Plus

This Air Treatment Unit is powerful in our domestic range of products and is manufactured including our world-wide patented NCCO technology. Ideal for the removal of odour, bacteria/viruses, VOCs and formaldehyde from home and office

  • Industrial level - rival to industrial type air purifier with powerful air purifying capability

  • Hydrophilic formulation filter - perfect removal of formaldehyde

  • Trolley design - move the unit to anywhere without sweating


Doppel - Gebläse Intelligente NCCO-Luftaufbereitungseinheit Plus

  • Industrielles Niveau - Rivale zu industriellen Luftreinigern mit leistungsstarker Luftreinigungskapazität

  • Filter für hydrophile Formulierungen - perfekte Entfernung von Formaldehyd

  • Trolley-Design - Bewegen Sie die Einheit überall hin, ohne zu schwitzen




Unit Dimension

510 X 260 X 893 mm


21.6 kg

Power Supply

AC 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption

10 - 86 W

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