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Household NCCO Air Treatment Unit

This Air Treatment Unit is powerful in our domestic range of products and is manufactured including our world-wide patented NCCO technology. Ideal for the removal of odour, bacteria/viruses, VOCs and formaldehyde from home and office

  • Simple design - flexibility for all room environment;

  • Two air ducts (lower left & upper right) - speeds up indoor ventilation. 

  • Five air filtering treatment systems - provides highly efficient air purification


NCCO-Luftbehandlungseinheit für Haushalte

  • Einfaches Design - Flexibilität für alle Raumumgebungen;

  • Zwei Luftkanäle (unten links & oben rechts) - beschleunigt die Raumlüftung.

  • Fünf Luftfilter-Behandlungssysteme - sorgt für eine hocheffiziente Luftreinigung




Unit Dimension

300 X 210 X 480 mm


7 kg

Power Supply

AC 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption

16 - 40 W

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